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Land-use design is specific to what type of structures accommodate its transportation. The product of automobile centric land-use design produces structures to accommodate cars. These pictures represent the foundation of automobile centric land-use design. Automobile centric land-use design accommodates cars, people are a by-product of its land-use. The automobile is convenient and useful; however, it is totally unsustainable. Building a society upon an unsustainable foundation is problematic.

The Mission

The Direction

The mission of CATTCC is threefold: to educate, to draw entrepreneurs together, and find solutions for sustainable urban growth with sustainable transportation. Then, implement new innovations for sustainable transportation.

We recognize the implementation of sustainable transportation requires unified system technology standards for user availability. We recognize this is beyond a single entity movement. We recognize transportation means everyone on the planet is affected. We recognize that special interest groups have to change to engage a greater quality of life for all. We are, the movement that involves everyone; we are transportation. We recognize CATTCC is only a small part of transportation’s future. We’re glad to be here, please add to the comments and be a voice for change.


The foundation to all urban growth is its transportation. Western Society’s current trend of automobile centric land-use design is based upon a wholly unsustainable foundation. There can be no sustainable urban growth without sustainable transportation.

Creating a Future With Sustainable Growth, a word from the founder

We’re at a time of change. With change comes the opportunity to make things different. Today is the best occasion to work towards a totally new mode of transportation. With the Ameliorate Group, we can arrive; with a new concept in travel.

CATTCC Founder

Goan Sinnomore

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