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For Sustainable Urban Growth

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Everyone has a Voice

With The CATTC Membership, You Are Involved In The Conversation Of Setting Standards For Implementing Advanced Transit System Technology. The membership discussions also include transit-oriented design and sustainable urban growth. Participating members contribute to setting the coalition’s standards. Everyone has a voice.

Membership consists of participating in private social media pages, unifying industry implementation standards, receiving monthly email newsletters and notification of special events.

“I didn’t know about the importance of sustainable transportation until I read of the the articles in this website, I will never see cars the same again.” – Alex Rubio

This coalition is the coordinating authoritative center for setting standards in sustainable transit and for attaining sustainable urban growth.

CATTCC provides a platform to set advanced transit industry standards, its membership is an amalgamation of industry leaders and participants. CATTCC is the arbiter for setting standards of system implementation in sustainable urban growth. Beyond the trending of hyperbolic rhetoric, or politics; the validity of importance for sustainable urban growth, remains a necessity.

Implementation of sustainable transportation with new and advanced transit system technology is the main component to achieve sustainable urban growth. CATTCC provides the platform where unified standards are sought and applied. The organization provides a forum for ideas, invites and provides entrepreneurs a platform for conversation and feedback. The intent of this industry cooperative is to stimulate the voice of innovation, and implement sustainable new technology transportation system infrastructure in urban development.

Everyone has a voice. With CATTCC, every member can participate in the conversation. Its goal is to set public transportation implementation standards for the Advanced Transit Technology System industry. Use your voice; define the standards. Our combined voice becomes a lobbying effort. The voice of a large group can be heard and inform the public. The more people who participate, the louder the choir.

The intent of Advanced Transit industry coordination is to stimulate innovation towards implementing sustainable transportation infrastructure into urban design. Contributing your voice is a necessary part of participating. Participating in the conversation is a part of building sustainability.

The function of this coalition is to integrate common standards for implementation of advanced transit technology; having an impact to the automobile centric urban land-use design. New technology transit industry implementation is the first step towards sustainable urban design.