Center for Advanced Transit Technology and Climate Change

About Us


The organization of CATTCC is to promote alternatives forms of transportation. Its goal is to provide an alternative to the necessity of cars and provide a more efficient mode of public transit instead of buses.

CATTCC is provided to the public by the Ameliorate Group. Its purpose is to educate and enlarge the movement of the advanced transit industry, help to coordinate industry efforts, by educating the public of the needs for advanced transit industry expansion.

The term ‘sustainable urban growth’ is a phrase that has gained trend setting misinterpretation. All urban growth is based upon an area’s primary source of transportation. The land-use for most Western Society is based upon the automobile. The automobile is totally unsustainable. There can be no climate change improvement nor sustainable urban growth with the automobile as the primary source of transportation.

The director of operations for the Ameliorate Group is JP Sweeney. Mr. Sweeney is an author and has been involved in the New Technology Transit industry and sustainable urban growth for over 25 years; engaged in the building industry 40 years.

CATTCC has the goal to unite Advanced Transit industry leaders, and the concerned public, to coordinate industry standards for immediate system infrastructure implementation.

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